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5 Second Rule

Written by Netphiles Wednesday, 06 March 2013 13:17

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When it comes to designing a new website, designers must keep the "5 Second Rule" in mind. No, we aren't talking about when your food hits the ground and you have 5 seconds to pick it up before germs accumulate.


Instead, we are talking about when a visitor is on a website, they have about 5 seconds before they make up their mind whether to stay or to leave. Here are some crucial tips to keep visitors longer than 5 seconds. 
One crucial key to retaining a users attention is to have good website navigation. The navigation has to make sense to the avergae person. Designers must keep in mind that visitors may not be as web design savvy as themselves so simplicity and common sense in navigation is essential. Another important aspect is purpose. The purpose of the website has to communicate clearly what the company does. The indication can be as simple as a book for a bookstore in the logo or a catchy slogan in the header. Anything, but it has to be visible and crystal clear. Finally, there has to be a call to action. Once the user is comfortable navigating your site and learning more about the company, they will most likely want to contact you.  That call to action of contact has to be noted in the first 5 seconds. To do this there can be a, contact page in the site navigation, Facebook and/or Twitter icons, a number in the header, etc. 

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